Ah, you've found us! Our friends think we play with crayons all day. But, we like to think there's a little bit more to it than that.

minx design is a small, focussed and friendly graphic design agency based in Whitchurch, Hampshire - servicing clients large and small on a range of projects from marketing strategy through to design and print.

About minx design

minx design simply love to make their clients look good. Always willing to go the extra mile and add more than just creativity to any project. minx truly understand the need to create great design NOT expensive design.

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Call: 01256 896 495 for more information, e-mail Graeme Robinson or visit our LinkedIn profile page.

minx design is a graphic design company based in Whitchurch, Hampshire with a team of people who, to put it simply, like to get a job done and get it done well. We will listen to you, we will learn about your business and your marketplace and, in partnership with you, we’ll create what’s needed, when it’s needed and how it’s needed. Simply and with no fuss.

We’re not overly interested in large retainers, complicated pitches, over the top design or unnecessary expenditure. Instead minx design is a practical, production-led business that realises ‘good design’ need not mean ‘expensive design’.

Most of our clients are based in London – as a result we are able to offer a London design and artwork service without the city overheads.

Case Study:

Recently minx design was awarded a large scale project to manage and produce all of the onsite material for an international B2B exhibiton held in Korea.

The exhibition attracted 20,000 visitors from across the globe. The success of this project has ensured that minx design will also be marketing the next show in 2015.

minx were responsible for the onsite material including: show guide, conference programmes, onsite banners, posters and lightbox graphics, exhibiton fold-up maps, flyers and delegate lists.

If you’d like to know more download the case study here.

  • What services do minx design offer?

    Our work covers a vast range of disciplines, but there's one common thread: our passion for the businesses we work for.

    Our main services extend to:

    • Creative design
    • Artwork
    • Print production
    • Marketing strategy
    • Event collateral management
    • Website and email design

    We strive to – and are successful in – building strong and lasting relationships. This means we continually invest time in you to really understand your products, customers and markets, and gives you the confidence to know you’ve found a creative agency that will constantly be at your side, whenever you need it.

    Our range of services is vast and we very rarely say ‘No’ to our existing clients – where there’s a will there’s a way – we will do everything to take the stress from you. That’s why we’re here!

    Call: +44 (0)1256 896 495 for more information, e-mail Graeme Robinson or visit our LinkedIn profile page.

  • Creative Design

    minx design will always create something new just for you. Our design is born out of an understanding of your business and what makes you and your clients (and potential clients) tick.

    We have many years experience in creative design and we are essentially driven by what works for you at ‘this’ moment and for ‘that’ purpose. We are designers who strive to create engaging, inspiring and creative solutions to fulfil a specific need.

    We are regularly asked to ‘bring some examples of your work’, however, what’s right for one client isn’t always right for the next which is why we try to avoid showing off too much of our work. ‘Show-and-tell’ may demonstrate that we understand colour, are confident with working with type and know how to successfully use imagery to portray a specific message, however, it doesn’t show what we can do for you.

    Case Study:

    BAXI came to minx design to initially promote their boilers to merchants and installers. But, it was clear that as part of this project BAXI needed to come up with a new suite of end-user brochures.

    After a rigourous design process we established a new range of brochures which positioned BAXI as a must have boiler in the modern home.

  • Artwork

    Sometimes you just need good old fashioned artwork. You've already got the corporate guidelines, the structure and the look and feel.

    minx can take on the artwork and can work within the most strict or the most relaxed of identities.

    We’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of excellent designers in our time, however, we are completely aware that not every client needs Creative Design. Instead you might require a creative company to interpret existing corporate guidelines and create something that won’t be ‘quarantined’ by the Brand Police.

    minx design has worked with many global businesses who have spent vast amounts of money ensuring that their brand remains intact. We understand this process and wholly embrace working to guidelines detailing structures, grids, fonts, colour palettes – and often more.

    Case Study:

    Renewables Roadshow, a trade event for Heating Engineers relied on minx for all of their marketing and onsite material.

    All of the artwork was done under the minx roof and included: show guides, adverts, banners, exhibition stands, roller banners, media packs, sponsorship brochures, e-marketing, websites, flip-books and stationery.

    minx were their official marketing partner from 2010 – 2013 at which point Renewables Roadshow was successfully sold to a large event management company.

  • Print Production

    From business cards to directories – we've got print in our blood!

    minx design can handle all of your print requirements (even the mailing if you like).

    We have established some excellent relationships with printers both near and far. Some printers with which we work closely are just a few miles up the road, others are based around the world: Holland; New York; Seoul; Barcelona, to name just a few.  We can print as little as a few business cards to 10s of thousands of brochures/catalogues.

    Graeme has worked within the print industry since his very early twenties and he still can’t get enough of it – he just loves the smell of ink! His experience includes starting off as a print buyer, closely followed by working as Production Director at a print company. The minx design samples cupboard is burgeoning with an excellent range of printed material – when it comes to print, minx design have pretty much done it all!

    Case Study:

    mergermarket came to minx design 10 years ago with a problem. Their current agency was charging a lot of money for a specifc quarterly publication.

    minx were able to half their costs and continued to work with mergermarket on delivering this and many other print projects – delivering to the UK, US and Asia over an 8 year period.

    The Managing Director of mergermarket asia said: “….minx are flexible, patient, creative, honest, hard working, and importantly never charge hidden costs.”

  • Marketing Strategy – sometimes you just need a bit of help

    Many businesses we talk to are brilliant at what they do but struggle to market themselves – something about woods and trees we think!

    We regularly attend our clients’ marketing meetings because it’s important for us to understand the structure and nature of the business we’re working with and to ask the right questions. In some cases we will actually take the meeting to bring focus and differing perspectives, and to generate and answer questions.

    Whether it be a competitive analysis, a social media strategy or a full brand, marketing and communications audit, we will be with you every step of the way. We don’t have any preconceived ideas of what works best – we simply listen, challenge, discuss and plan the best route forward to suit your very individual needs.

    Case Study:

    CORGI launched a national heating and plumbing exhibition in 2005 (through to 2010 when it was sold to EMAP). Minx were wholly responsible for the entire marketing budget for its 5 year existence.

    We wrote the plan, we liaised with advertisers, we produced 100s of thousands of mailers, attended the monthly management meetings and delivered excellent return on investment. That’s why, despite regular competition for the project we were chosen every year to look after the marketing including brand strategy – yes, we were that good!

  • Event Collateral Management

    Sometimes it's just easier dealing with one person, one supplier and one contact. Having to liaise with a design company, then an artwork company, then a print company, then a graphics company, then a delivery company then......oh, with minx design it's one person, one phone call and everything is taken care of.

    minx design thoroughly enjoying working on projects that include all elements of the production chain. Design through to artwork, pre-press through to print and then the final delivery.

    Our vast production experience means we design with the end use in mind. We understand the nuances of print and production. Your event collateral management couldn’t be easier.

    It’s really that simple – let minx take the headache out of dealing with production problems and delivery issues. We’ll even liaise with your clients if there’s anything that you need to get from them. Read our recent event case study.

    Case Study:

    mergermarket run a serious of well attended forums throughout the year and minx design have regularly been responsible for all event marketing through to all onsite material including printing and delivery. From badges to brochures, roller banners to lightboxes.

    Clients really benefit from our ‘Yes’ attitude – nothing is too nuch trouble whatever time of the day!

    We’ve even driven a boat all the way to Norway for a client event – they’d run out of time to arrange it and didn’t know what else to do!

  • Websites and e-marketing

    minx design know the importance of creating an engaging website to drive visitors as well as e-marketing to drive registrations.

    It's a massively important part of the process and minx, once again, has the solution. One person, one contact - minx will sort it out for you.

    The web is a scary place and is constantly changing – we understand the need to embrace new technology and are constantly on the look out for the latest trends and activities to ensure we remain fresh.

    That said, we are realistic and know that not everyone has the budget for the all singing all dancing sites that Apple and Amazon can afford.

    Our specific expertise is in creating WordPress sites but we have also been involved in designing and producing sites using Drupal.

    Case Study:

    Thomson Reuters rely on minx design to design, create, look after, host and maintain their awards sites for their financial flagship poducts: IFR, IFR ASIA and PFI. Including their IFR Briefings site (www.ifrbriefings.com)

    minx design have been looking after these sites for over 5 years and historically were responsible for their events websites for IFR Conferences and PFI Conferences.

Who runs minx design?

minx design was started by Graeme and Dannielle in 2004. Since that time we have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients - most of them are still with us today so we must be doing something right! Our philosophy is simple - be honest, be hard working, be fair and always make the client look good!

“The Minxes consistently deliver high quality creative output that delivers great results. One of the great things I like about working with Graeme is that he will challenge a client’s view of what is required, often coming up with lower cost solutions that really deliver. I am happy to recommend The Minxes to anyone looking for a results focussed creative partner.”

Jonathan Hearth
Managing Director, CORGI

Graeme is the founder and main man at minx. If you have a new project and you need some help, just give him a shout. Graeme’s been working in design and print for more years than he cares to remember! He’s never one to sit still though and over the years “design and print” has grown to design, print, e-marketing, websites and marketing consultancy. He always gets excited by new challenges, he just can’t stop himself!

He’s at his happiest with family, friends, red wine, camping pipe, a good book and his walking boots. He dreams of driving off into the sunset in a type 1 split screen VW campervan.

She’s responsible for all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff at the minxes…she makes things run smoothly… oh, and she founded the minxes with Graeme.

Dannielle studied History of Art and Architecture at Reading University. She went on to work in the world of museums before moving into the slightly faster paced world of design and marketing, where she’s been ever since.

Out of the office she’s happiest sitting under canvas with family and friends or getting creative with whatever is to hand! 

Brands we've worked with

minx design has had the honour to work with some wonderful clients over the years. Here's a quick overview of some of those names.

We've worked with start-up companies through to blue-chip corporates and we've
loved (nearly) every moment of it. Here's what some of our clients have said:

  • I have only worked with minx recently, but I wish I had done it sooner. Not only are they very professional, experienced and knowledgeable, their email response rate is exceptional and they will go out of their way to help you. I had problems with files from other clients and the minxes offered to help and managed to do this within 24 hours, meaning I did not have to play piggy in the middle between clients and the venue.

    Jenna Sykes, Operations Manager, Energy Division - Gastech Portfolio
  • I have worked with the minxes for nearly ten years at various companies. In that time I have been impressed how quickly, creatively and efficiently they works they juggle many projects at the same time. As for Graeme he is a top designer and a top guy and I would recommend him and his team to anybody.

    Michael Cluskey, Marketing Manager, dmg::events
  • minx design has become an extension of our marketing department for the last eight years and are prepared to take on any challenge we throw at them. We would find it difficult to survive without their knowledge of our products and business. With our recent acquistion of Reuters, minx have also been part of the re-branding process.

    Neil Clasper, Marketing Director, Thomson Reuters
  • minx design consistently deliver a service that is beyond their peers. They are flexible, patient, creative, honest, hard working, and importantly never charges hidden costs. A pleasure to work with. We went from working with a pool of designers to almost exclusively working with minx.

    Simon Anam, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Mergermarket

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