minx design was started by Graeme and Dannielle in 2004.


Since that time we have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients - most of them are still with us today so we must be doing something right! Our philosophy is simple - be honest, be hard working, be fair and always make the client look good!



Just us two chickens

Dannielle Robinson (née Soanes)
Company Secretary

She’s responsible for all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff at the minxes…she makes things run smoothly… oh, and she founded the minxes with Graeme.

Dannielle studied History of Art and Architecture at Reading University. She went on to work in the world of museums before moving into the slightly faster paced world of design and marketing, where she’s been ever since.

Out of the office she’s happiest sitting under canvas with family and friends or getting creative with whatever is to hand!

Contact Dannielle to discuss any production requirements.

Graeme Robinson
Managing Director

Graeme is the founder and main man at minx. If you have a new project and you need some help, just give him a shout. Graeme’s been working in design and print for more years than he cares to remember! He’s never one to sit still though and over the years “design and print” has grown to design, print, e-marketing, websites and marketing consultancy. He always gets excited by new challenges, he just can’t stop himself!

He’s at his happiest with family, friends, red wine, camping pipe, a good book and his walking boots. He dreams of driving off into the sunset in a type 1 split screen VW campervan.

Contact Graeme for any work enquiries.